Ultratech – Printing in Melfort Saskatchewan

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Mission Statement


We believe any business can succeed if they have a passion for their work, formal training and implement honest business practices.


The Right Tools:

The right tools for any job are education, experience and having the right equipment. The right tools for the job will get a job done quickly and efficiently, thus saving you money! We believe someone should be formally trained in order to take on your job.

We are formally trained and are very conscious about quality. Will will give you the best quality job for your buck.


Supporting local should not cost you more than going elsewhere which is why we try to meet or beat big city prices. We check around so you don't have to.


Customer Service:

Emails are a form of communication. We will reply to all emails and return all voice mail calls – after all, common courtesy is part of our fantastic customer service.


Made Easy:

Sometimes it is difficult talking to someone if you are not computer literate. We make it easy. We don't try to baffle you with big words, we try to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. There is never any reason to feel embarrassed for not knowing something.



Perhaps you buy your printing online and have to pay extra to upload a file, see a proof, get premium stock then get it shipped to you – the whole time never actually talking to anyone about what you require or seeing a printed proof.

Maybe you use a broker who passes your job over to another broker who then brokers it out somewhere else.

Some may go directly to a big city, often paying more.

We print in-house so most jobs can be completed within a week. Our training and experience will get you the best job in the most efficient manner.


We are confident that you will be happy with our work – we would not expect you to pay for a job if you weren't.